Is it possible to change the spawn rates of mobs with sponge and would anyone be willing to create a simple plugin for it?

Breif intro:
On my server we have something we call seasons, the seasons consists of reseting all progress and making a new world once every 1-2 months. each time a new season start everyone starts fresh, in the past we have added some form of events to these seasons, like double drops or 5x zombie spawn rate! It’s incretible challaging and fun for the players to start fresh with a twist to the challange for that month or two.

The Request:
A plugin that can change how often and how many mobs would spawn (example: 5x zombies).
Some other ideas for the plugin could be to add loot support (to increase or decrease drop rates) and support for which mobs can spawn where, like a neather invaion so that ghasts and pig zombies would spawn in the overworld.

Edit: Another cool idead would be to make mobs able to spawn with one or more certain mods (for example: increased/decreased movement speed, attack speed, damage or health).

Is a plugin like this possible in sponge?
And can someone make it a reality?
Meaby “Pore” + a bukkit plugin could do the trick?

The EntitySpawnEvent looks pretty much implemented. I don’t see a reason why a sponge plugin couldn’t do this.

What mob drops concern, the event doesn’t look implemented :confused:. So you will have to wait for that.

Okay thats good news :slight_smile: i’ve just started to learn how to make sponge plugins (literly an hour ago) and i will try to make this plugin myself (you know, to get something done you gotta do it yourself) :wink:

The drop idea is not the most important part of the plugin, but would be nice to see added at some point.

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Hey @Rasmus_Andersen

I’m working on it, if you are still interested:

Customized Mobs with customized abilities / Spawn rates:
[RPG] RAWR Plugin

Customized Drobs on Droprates:
[RPG] Looty Plugin

Those will be connected.

  • KAISERslin

Sweet i’ll have a look at it :wink: do you have any public download as of yet?

Nope - not yet. Waiting for some implementations on Sponge side atm