Is it possible to move the sponge mod Bukkit map to the forge mod Bukkit map?

If you move the sponge mod Bukkit map to the forge mod Bukkit map,
(missing minecraft entities sponge human)
If you ignore it and run it
I was wearing protective 4444 armor, but I was killed by a magma slime in 2-3 hits.
The expectation is that the user entity is either removed or not recognized, so it ignores the armor.
Can you please help?

There is some confusion here. Bukkit has nothing do do with Sponge, and little to do with Forge.

Do you mean you migrated a map from SpongeVanilla to SpongeForge, and lost armour values?
If so, some information on which versions you have been using would be useful.

[21:08:33] [Server thread/INFO]: Injecting existing registry data into this server instance
[21:08:33] [Server thread/INFO]: Registry EntityEntry: Found a missing id from the world sponge:human
[21:08:33] [Server thread/ERROR]: Unidentified mapping from registry minecraft:entities
[21:08:33] [Server thread/ERROR]: sponge:human: 75
[21:08:33] [Server thread/WARN]: Forge Mod Loader detected missing registry entries.

There are 1 missing entries in this save.
If you continue the missing entries will get removed.
A world backup will be automatically created in your saves directory.

Missing minecraft:entities:

I think there is a problem with
do you know the solution

We can not help you if you do not help yourself. Inscrutable asked a question which would clarify what your attempting to do so we (the community including him) can help you

If the level_sponge.dat file is corrupted, there is usually a backup file (it has _old on the end) that you can replace it with. It holds sponge specific data, so if you move to a server without sponge that data will be lost.

Again, we really can’t give you much help unless you actually tell us what you are doing. The versions of the software you are using can be very important in debugging.