Is losing items in the nether with keepInventory a bug?

I’m new to sponge, and i’m using the newest spongeforge at this time for 1.10.2 (spongeforge-1.10.2-2092-5.0.0-BETA-1756) And I know this is new anyway and still in BETA, I’m just wondering if this is a bug or there is a setting for it or something… This is the only mod I have and I’ve tested with and without it so it is sponge, it’s all I know. I’ve looked everywhere and i’ve been trying to fix it by looking into all the config files and everything. keepInventory works on the main world just not the nether (And i’ve not tried the end)

ANYWAY, Sorry to be a bother and look silly asking this, I would just like to at least get to the bottom and know what the problem is.

What plugins you got installed? Could be that the gamerule is only being set for the main world. Project Worlds manages gamerules for each world so if your using something like that you will need to set the gamerule for all of your worlds.

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Nothing. I have nothing but spongeforge

Yeah, unfortunately the gamerules in Sponge don’t quite follow vanilla behaviour (where one set covers all worlds). To set gamerules anywhere other than the overworld presently requires a plugin, as far as I know.
There is an issue about it already on the SpongeForge GitHub repo.