Is running Bukkit illegal?

With the developments in Bukkit and Spigot coming to an abrupt halt, is every server running Bukkit or Spigot technically illegal? Could these servers get hit with the mighty hammer that is the DCMA?

There is nothing really “illegal” with running a bukkit server as far as I’m aware, the only thing that’s illegal is publicly redistributing the platform itself. (like putting it up on a website for download as an example).


Thats a question for a lawyer

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Even if they would be illegal. Do you really think anyone would take the time to DCMA every single server.

Well spingot is still very much alive (check there homepage)
Edit: to dcma something --> kill its future --> take down retribution
We have to much server running for a takedown, it would be to much work and take much more time

Even if they would be, DCMA is an USAmerican law, and other nations aren’t forced to obey them. I, for sure won’t take down my server because some US company thinks they can enforce their laws on the whole planet.

There is a similar law in europe:
Also, that’s a great company name: Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services Ltd

The EUCD is the law in Europe.