Is Sponge available for Forge 2838

Not sure if this is the subcategory for this, as I could not find a Forge category, but that could be an oversight on my part. Trying to install plugins for my forge server, but sponge seems to make it crash. That was when I noticed the downloads say 2825 on them, so it must not be working because I run Forge 2838. It would be VERY inconvenient for me to run 2825 (didn’t even know that version of Forge existed) because many of my mods require that I run Forge 2838. Any way to get a Spongepowered .jar for Forge 2838? This would be very helpful, otherwise I simply cannot run plugins because getting rid of most of my mods is not a desirable option whatsoever. Thanks :slight_smile:

What is the crash? As in a log on pastebin and the link here would be nice.

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already uninstalled it so that will take a moment, but it wasn’t a server log crash it was a client crash the moment I joined the server. Sorry I was not clear with what “it” was. It said something along the lines of “crashed when loading entity” something or rather. or maybe it was “failed to load entity” I will include the client crash log in a bit.

Typically client side crashes when joining a server will cause a error on the server too. The only exception that I know of is when its the client at fault.

Based on the idea of “failed to load entity” it sounds more like a compatibility between mods. The only entity sponge adds is “sponge:human” that is … Well already in the vanilla game.

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Hey did this ever get solved? I figured I was having the same issue so I installed the 2838 version (the most recent one) and it just crashes my server every time i start the run.bat
I’d go through and try each and every 2838 version if there weren’t 5+ pages of them. Could anyone here tell me which version they’re using that works??

To quote the earlier comment:

I need a working spongeforge for 2836 as 2838 is not running good on my server…

We need a log to see what is going wrong. Sponge for 2836 is compatible with 2838. Hence why the comment after your original and before the one i am replying to asks for one

Because noone answered in my thread. Well I’ve tried inserting sponge 2838 on 2836 server but crashes at generating spawn area. If i put the latest RC3902 it give error at the very beginning telling me that this sponge forge is for Forge but i have excuse me, WTF?

Sponge gives that error even if the sponge and forge version match.

For us to help you, you need to provide a log so we can see what is going on

here is the latest log: LOG thanx for the help!

EDIT: Just saw i had 2 different version of sponge on mod folder. I try to delete the older and re-launch the server.

Says on your log that foamfix is the issue. Have you done the foamfix patch shown in common issues?