Is Sponge Dev build able to support Plugins?

Didn’t see it anywhere but sponge is supposed to be like Forge + Bukkit right? Is the dev build capable of running plugins?

There are 3 parts: the API on which plugins are developed, SpongeForge, the forge coremod implementation and SpongeVanilla which is like Craftbukkit, It’s standalone

SpongeForge is capable of running plugins but some events might not fire so certain parts might not work.

No. As far as we’re concerned Bukkit is dead.

The SpongeAPI currently has two implementations. Sponge, and SpongeVanilla.

Sponge is a coremod for Forge, and supports only Forge. SpongeVanilla is a standalone implementation of the SpongeAPI.

Nope. We have pretty much nothing to do with Bukkit. Sponge isn’t meant to be a combination of anything. But Sponge is very open to mods and a great deal of its developers come from the modding scene.

There are two flavours:

  • Sponge: Sponge is the Forge based implementation of the SpongeAPI. It can be run alongside mods because it is a forgemod itsself. That doesn’t mean that it combines forge with anything, it merely builds ontop of it.
  • SpongeVanilla: This implementation is based on the vanilla server and will not work with any mods. It doesn’t require forge or any other Minecraft modding framework to run.

Sponge is similar to bukkit (both are Plugin apis) but Sponge and bukkit are not compatible and Sponge wont support bukkit Plugins directly.

Yes you can run Sponge Plugins on Sponge right now and you can run Sponge + Plugins along forge + forgemods.

So…what was the difference between making mods using Forge and Sponge? Was it difficult?

Just to clarify:
You can use Sponge and Forge OR Sponge only to make plugins.

Forge mostly is incompatible over different MC versions while Sponge tries to maintain compatibility as much as possible. If you use Sponge and don’t use the “nms” code, then your sponge plugin will likely run on different minecraft versions without further modification.

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