Is sponge will support multi-threading?

Is sponge will support multi-threading ???

Yes it will, and please read the FAQ/LearnMore first.

Actually the question is very open ended. In what way are you looking for it to be multi-threaded?

It will in exactly the same way that Minecraft itself does - which isn’t much (only chat is separate as far as I’m aware). Changing that would require changes to Minecraft itself which can’t be done easily (if at all) without breaching Minecraft’s EULA.

Here’s a link to Sponge’s FAQ. You may find some of it helpful.

From the FAQ page

It will be multi-threaded in the same fashion that is Minecraft is (and also Bukkit and Spigot was), but we are not writing a server from scratch, so we are not able to make substantial changes. How will the new server perform in comparison with Spigot and Bukkit? We are currently investigating this, but we plan to reach or exceed performance of the other implementations given time.


I think the multithreading will need to be added by other mods like tick threading. But ya like you can see from the description.

You will burn out if you try to do this!

I think multithreading in sponge will be very limited. So lets hope forge gets some …