Is there a central 'server' object that can hold data?

Hello, I am looking for an object that will be consistently available through world deletions, and can also hold custom data. Similar to how a player can hold data and will retain the data through server restarts, but is a central object. It would be similar to if the Server object could hold custom data. Is there such an object?

A config file? That is, in effect, what happens when you save data to a player object, but saved in the player’s binary file rather than separately.

You can also use WorldProperties#get/setPropertySection(DataQuery) to save/load data from an individual world’s level_sponge.dat that’s saved inside it’s world folder.

Thanks! I knew the data was stored the the *.dat files, but I think that I’ll just stick with normal config files instead of using WorldProperties#get/setPropertySection(DataQuery).