Is there a plugin similar to MultiVerse for sponge?

Basically, exactly what the title says. I am making the switch from spigot to sponge and I am looking for a plugin similar to MultiVerse. Any suggestions?

There’s a little search button up in the top right. Use it.

I tried that one… It crashed my server

This can be one of a bunch of different reasons, but solution 1 is to get help with using an already existing plugin, not requesting that someone find another one for you (especially since, since you found it, it’s likely to be the most popular one, and the one that someone would link first). Crash logs would be good, along with the Sponge version and PJW version (and Forge version, if using SpongeForge).

Oh, just realized that that project worlds plugin is made for 1.11. I use 1.8.9. Do you know of any plugins for 1.8.9?

First, consider updating. Second, that plugin has been around for a while. I believe this is the last release for 1.8.9.
For further reference, a plugin that is for version 4.x (in this case, 4.2.0) is for Minecraft 1.8.9, a plugin for 5.x is 1.10.2, and a plugin for 6.x is 1.11.

Yeah, my server needs to stay 1.8 compatible. Thanks for this link though, hopefully it will work!