Is there a plugin that play music in specified area?

For example, you can set regions using worldguard or worldedit. I was wondering if there was anything that plays a music in a region. I’m running version 1.12.2.

When you say music, what do you mean? The audio from records, custom tracks, resource packs, etc?

From a resource pack. I added music using a resource pack and I want set regions that play music from there. An example would be playing music in a house.

Do all players need to be synced together? Like can the music play independently of each player, or do they have to all be synced up?

They can play independently, doesn’t really matter if they’re synced up to me. On my server that I play with friends, I used custom npc’s bard role to play music in location previously such as their house or a shop, but it was really limiting.

I mean, in that case, it is a feature I could probably add to FoxGuard fairly easily, although I am unsure of how difficult it would be to make it work perfectly.

That’d be pretty cool, but what do you mean by perfectly? Would the songs not loop properly or something like that?

Basically thats my concern, I could figure out how to do it, but not sure how easy it would be. Would have to research some more.

Alright, tell me if it works out well.