Is there any interest in me making a Stats plugin?


Hi folks!
I made a Stats plugin for Bukkit/Spigot before (see this link) and was wondering if the Sponge community wants a Stats plugin, too.
In the past couple of years I’ve learned a lot regarding big data and I kinda want to make my Stats plugin again, but then including a “global stats” feature, which would throw all data collected at my own server, anonymized probably, to have a cool overview of what’s going on.
I used to do this before and it gathered a LOT of data (10,332 unique servers, 656,117 unique players, 1,047,653,331 blocks broken, 6,908,084,317 seconds of playtime (that’s 219+ years!)) and that was a lot of fun - since I know a lot more now I kinda wanna see if this’d be interesting for users.


I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of your stats stuff Lolmewn <3

I’d love to see what you could come up with, especially potentially incorporated into Minecraft’s existing stats stuff.

As long as it is anonymized, aggregated data, and NOT pseudonymous per player globally, then I’m sure people would be a fan, or if not, not install it on the server.


Minecraft has built-in stats stuff now? More than before, I mean? I know it had some basic statistics (like km traveled and time played) but is there more now? \o/


All that exists is listed here fyi


Ah, thanks. That seems very useful indeed!


This is a very interesting idea. It would be great to look at Your plugin.


Just a quick update: I’ve written two statistics already that should work with Sponge, but given that I’m running Java 9 and Sponge doesn’t work with that yet, I’m waiting on it to not care about up-versioning.


Not sure if waiting for it is a good idea. The MC community seems pretty stuck at Java 8.
Also Java 8 stuff runs on 9.


Turns out you were right, it didn’t work for the spigot community either :’)