Is there up-to-date milestone or todo list to complete sponge?

I appreciate all the volunteer work that goes into a project like this. I’m trying to figure out what needs to be implemented in the API and forge to see the first release of sponge. That being said is there an up-to-date milestone or todo list that gives everybody an idea of what’s being worked on our needs to be being worked to complete the first release?


DISCLAIMER: I’m not a core dev, what I’m saying is just what I’ve observed. Other people are better qualified to comment on this.

I don’t know of any current TODO list for the API or implementation. Mostly, core devs are working on specific things on feature branches for the API.

For the implementation, it’s easier, as you’re not deciding on new things in the same way you are when working on the API - you’re writing code for already-defined classes in the API.

If no one’s working on something (ask around on IRC), you should feel free to open a PR on either repository.

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Just go and take a look at the issuestracker. Issues · SpongePowered/Sponge · GitHub
That’s where you’ll find the current TODOs. Also, as @Aaron1011 mentioned, the IRC (#spongedev) is a good place to ask.