Is this real?

Please don’t scaremonger

I don’t know if this pastebin is to scare people or real.

Any comments?

For anyone wondering where I got this:

For anyone thinking that this is me, its not lol.

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Wow, just wow. If this is real, we’re f**ked.

If this is only on pastebin then I won’t believe it could you give us an external source?

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I’m fairly sure that this is just someone trying to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

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I hope you don’t believe this faked story. There is no way you lose your copyright!

Agreed, although I would make sure to put a copyright on mods and such even if this isn’t true.

Why the end?Forge know how minecraft work, modders know how minecraft work. If this is real, what stop us to recreate the game?

I can’t be to similar because forge and modders and such didn’t create the game.

If you are worried, consult a lawyer. As for me, I am not worried about my work, as little as it is.


They didn’t create the game, but they know how he game work. You can’t create a block if you can’t understand how minecraft blocks exist, you can’t make a tile entity if you don’t know how it work. Creating a new minecraft will be difficult initially because we need to create everything from 0. If we work in team, 500-1000 people can recreate this game

We need a downvote button for stupid things like this …


Well considering that initially this game was created by one person, and there are developers that know a lot more than Notch (Marcus Persson) knows about developing, it wouldn’t be all that difficult.

If you don’t have your work protected by a license, in most cases, people are free to do as they wish with your work.

I think that would depend on the country you lived in.

Where did you find this? Post a link to see if it’s real, for example not from paste bin.

That last bit about the EULA pushed it over for me. This is not from a lawyer, or anyone who knows a lawyer. This is almost certainly an attempt to spread FUD.


Well, this is true: if I put my mod e.g. under MIT, Microsoft can use and sell it, as long as they do not remove my copyright mark.
However, this will probably (except there are many guys with way too much money out there) not stop people from downloading the mod from me directly, paying nothing, and use it totally legal and for free. Microsoft can do nothing about that!

Oh, and if microsoft sells my mod for 3.99 $, I’d sell it for 2.99 $ and earn money with it :stuck_out_tongue:
Okay, this doesn’t work as someone will just buy it and put a free download link into the internet… :slight_smile:

So I don’t think this would be a big problem for modders and modmakers, even if it would happen :wink:

I don’t know in which country you live, but in the US every code you write is protected by the US copyright law.
Here in germany it’s also protected by law!

52 year old “reporter” shlock who has no idea about the copyright law. Thanks for the laugh tho, keep on with your delusions man :wink:

Nobody is going to stop modding because of your bull, we coded under mojangs eula we can code under whatever microsoft changes it to. just a new master. thats all that happened.


I’m sure people will buy the mods instead of downloading free, yes you’re right