Is this really needed?

it’s kind of annoying seeing this that you’re limiting the posts by users. :L

EDIT: It’s linked to IP. Again, showing how basically pointless the feature is.

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Yeah seriously, not a great feature. :slight_smile:

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Hi Erotic,
I replied to another post of similar feature here.
Maybe you can find extra help/information there.
[I understand why they have that limitation, even though I’m not in favor of it xD]
edit: Fixed my faulty link xD

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Um, I don’t think that’s relevant to the topic at hand. I saw the post. Lol. (dunno if you linked the wrong one)

Whoops. I did. My bad. I meant this one.

I agree it should be by account, but I like it. Quality over quantity, pick your topics wisely.

Yeah, I understand the reasons behind it, but it’s really ineffective as it’s linked to your IP address, and not your actual UUID

I’m sorry, that is incorrect. The RateLimiter runs off of your user ID. Discourse file lib/rate_limiter.rb.

You probably thought you saw that because I bumped the limit back up - wasn’t aware that there were still people actively posting with accounts less than 24 hours old.

Actually, @jdersen was timed out for 12 hours and he changed his IP, and it worked.