Issue compiling a plugin

I have made an anti leaf decay plugin and when I try to compile it, it says “Build Failure” and console outputs this. I am using Maven in Eclipse as shown in the console output. I looked into the MojoFailureException in the console output and it says that there is something wrong with building the project because of an error in the dependencies or source of project. I also have JRE and JDK 8 installed and in my PATH variable. Attached is also a screenshot of the run configuration I’m using to compile the project (Nothing inputted extra in any of the other tabs). I’ve tried to Google what’s wrong, but I have found nothing helpful. I hope that issue can be resolved. Thank you for your time.


Run Config:

Where does your JAVA_HOME environment variable point? It must point to the JDK.

EDIT: I overlook the launch config. Please show us the JRE tab of the launch configuration.

On that page, select the “Alternate JRE” option and select a JDK installation. If there are none, press the “Installed JREs…” button to configure one.

It worked! Thank you for your help. Sorry I respond earier my computer died and I had to get a new one. :+1:t2: