Issue with FTB Revelations and Sponge

Hi All,

I Have been running a FTB Revelations server with Sponge for Forge for about a month now and just noticed our “Screenlog.0” was over 100Gb

Looking into it I can see a large amount of Sponge spam, I’ve taken a look myself but I cannot for the life of me figure out the cause.

Here is a small portion of the log -

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can you re-start the server with the following startup flag:
and then upload the .mixin.out zipped up folder for troubleshooting. I have an idea of what’s happening but I need to know exactly what field is having the issue initializing before I release a potential fix.

It has to do with ExtraUtilities having a FakePlayer instance that we’re not able to catch and ignore some core logic to Sponge being mixed into the player class.

Hi Gabizou,

Thanks for the reply, I have the .Mixing.out zip.

Where would you like me to upload it?


Mediafire, dropbox, drive etc. are fine.

Also, if you have an updated log according to the same server start as the .mixin.out folder was generated, that would help a lot (sometimes line numbers don’t match up anyways).

Hi Gabizou,

Heres the link - MEGA

Inside the Zip there is a fresh .minin.out and Logs

Any problems let me know.


Can you zip and not rar?

Apologies, here you go -