Issue with RealTrainMod and sponge

Basically, when both RTM and Sponge put together, player will get kicked out on every action done with RTM (i.e. changing rail model, vehicle model, block model and buying ticket).

According to the log, I kinda figure out it is the issue of sponge disallowing actions done off the main thread, which is understandable. However, I’m installing sponge just for bungeecord support, and RTM loading models off thread is what it supposed to do

So, is there any workarounds like disabling off thread action check, and “just enable bungeecord support” ?

Reference server log: [22:56:52] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Loading tweak class name net.minecraftfo - ( at line 1297 )


I believe there is a sponge config option, for something working with broken mods. If you enable that, it should work fine

    # Stopgap measures for dealing with broken mods
    broken-mods {
        # A list of mod ids that have broken network handlers (they interact with the game from a Netty handler thread).
        # All network handlers from a forcibly scheduled to run on the main thread.
        # Note that this setting should be considered a last resort, and should only be used as a stopgap measure while waiting for a mod to properly fix the issue.

By putting the mod id into broken-network-handler-mods?

Maybe, maybe it doesn’t do what I thought it does. I’m fairly certain someone had success using that though

just tested it out, didn’t helped much, the exact same error is still popping out from the console and kick out the player

broken-network-handler-mods should be able to fix this, if the same error is still showing then it didn’t apply the stop-gap fix.
The config should be broken-network-handler-mods = [ "rtm" ]

that is the exact same stuff I tried, but still, sponge is kicking the player (that’s me) out of the server for RTM doing things not in main thread

report it to the mod, its on their end to fix that