Issue with Spawning Enderdragon

Hi, So when an Enderdragon is being spawned…it’s just sitting there flapping it’s wings and it doesn’t display like normal…here’s what it looks like

So my question…why?

So you need to set the phase of the ender dragon. Sadly i can not find out how to do it anymore. Here is how you used to be able to do it (it maybe that im blind)

yea…I’m not finding it :confused: I know you’re saying it requires a phase…but i can’t find it on the JavaDocs…no matter what I Look in…does it not exist yet for 7.0.0?

The issue i pulled was merged in 2016, so my guess is sponge has changed it or removed it for some reason

…That PR hasn’t been merged yet.

has there been any updates to this?

Unfortunately, not much. According to the latest comment on that PR (two months ago), it’s on the back burner.

sigh…k thanks