Issues trying to set up Nucleus

Hello guys,

I’m trying to build a Sponge server, and I got a problem. My server works perfectly, and I would like to change permissions for commands. For example, I would like the “/kittycannon” to be usable by all the USERS, not only by the ADMINS.

I don’t get how can I do this, I tried several times and I thought it was “/nucleus setupperms USER nucleus.kittycannon.base”, but it doesn’t work since the permission group “doesn’t exist”.

My question is : how to do what I want to do, and what is a permission group ?

Thanks guys and sorry if my english is bad.

It would appear the issue is you’re attempting to utilize Nucleus as a permissions plugin when it is not one.
Settupperms exists for the soul purpose of helping set up nucleus permissions quickly.

What you’re wanting to do is utilize LuckPerms to set a permission node to all your users.
so something akin to /lp group default permission set nucleus.kittycannon.base

Which is /lp the prefix for LuckPerms command group to signify what type you’re going to add permissions to default the group your affecting permission what you’re doing with the group set what you’re doing with the permission nucleus.kittycannon.base the permission you’re setting.

Luckperms documentation can be found here.

Also a permission group is a group create in luckperms.
You can view your created groups with /lp listgroups
default is a group that exists for users that join the server, so it applies to everyone that joins the server, unless their group is changed.