Issues with PEX 1.8.9 Sponge

I am having issues making and configuring PEX with my server. I am running a Pixelmon 1.8.9 sponge forge server with griefprevention, spawncommands, and permissionsex-sponge, that is all i have installed for mods. The issue i am running into is when i am set as a default player in my own test server i check /help for commands, and everything is perfect accept one thing, all default users have the command /callback. I do not know what this is and do not want any other users to have this function but i cannot find the node to remove it, or even the essentials or pex file in my server files ANYWHERE. I have looked multiple times, i will even upload as many photos as i must to show you all what i am talking about, if someone would please give me a hand that would be great!
~ Derpicidal

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Anyone please give me a hand. I am going at this solo and have spent so much time trying to get this to work.

Any chance it’s a pixelmon command?

no it goes away after i take pex out of the mods folder and test it , the whole pex commands console is removed from /help and callback is nowhere to be found.

If anyone is able to help me out with this i will skype you, anything it takes to get this server going i have plenty of people waiting on it to be finished and have spend alot of money to make it run as i bought a new desktop to make this server. Just message me for skype info.

I would direct your question to the pex forum thread. Might get a better response there

Have you tried toggling on the /pex debug feature? If you activate that and try this mysterious callback command, it should at least show you on the console what permissions are being checked.

[18:25:35] [Server thread/INFO]: Usage: /pex [debug|reload|import|ranking|[–context|–contexts|-c] [-transient] subject permission-default|delete|options|info|permission|parents|[-transient] subject-type list [filter]]

[18:25:50] [Server thread/INFO]: Not enough arguments!
[18:25:50] [Server thread/INFO]: Usage: /callback

this is all that i get is the last 2 lines when i try to use /callback

Never mind, I read what zml had to say on the PEX thread after I posted here. The /callback has no function for players, so they might as well be typing /FLARD - nothing is going to happen. You can safely ignore it.

Thank you this is what i was wondering. Also why can i not OP my self in console with PEX installed?

If you have a permissions plugin then the OP system is disabled

Now i am running into an issue. A big issue, every time i add Sponge PEX to my mods folder, it runs fine, but when i start to add groups with “/pex group Default def false” nobody is able to build??? I am having this issue and it is irritating me
i have the following Mods installed:
EconomyLite v2.2.4
SpawnCommands-2.2.3-mc1.8.9-forge (1)

The above list is every Mod/Plugin i have installed. I am running a Sponge Forge 1.8.9 Pixelmon server, my end goal is simple, have PEX Default, Moderator, Admin, Vip, and Owner groups setup, along with basic GriefPrevention to make sure theft and grief is not an option. Please someone message me back. I am having issues and could really use a hand. Thanks
~ Derpicidal

I just installed it like it was brand new, what are the basic first few commands i want to use to allow default players that join to build and use the commands that are initially set up for them? And how to give myself op permissions or equivalent permissions with PEX?