Item Lore Stats

I don’t if I’m allowed to share bukkit plugins’ links here if not you can delete it.

Basically this plugin allows you to edit items’ names and add them lore lines that changes attributes of the item. For example if you type these to stone sword:

Damage: +4
Health: +5

You will hit base damage of stone sword + 4 (plugin also allows you to negate weapons’ base damage) and while wearing it you’ll have +5 max health.

It doesn’t have to be exactly same plugin and frankly I wonder why there are no similar plugins. I think making custom items by changing their attributes should be popular thing. When I asked to author if he was thinking about making this plugin for sponge he told me something like maybe in the future I guess I don’t remember. But I’m pretty sure even if comes to sponge that might even become at 2017.

Also I think I asked this same thing months ago and people responded me that current APIs don’t allow people to make a plugin like this. I think now it’s possible?

The plugin is completely possible to make. However, have a look at this command:
/give @p stone_sword 1 0 {AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:generic.maxHealth,Name:generic.maxHealth,Amount:10,Operation:0,UUIDMost:3236,UUIDLeast:125},{AttributeName:generic.attackDamage,Name:generic.attackDamage,Amount:8,Operation:0,UUIDMost:62991,UUIDLeast:20988}]}

UP, I’d love to see that plugin for sponge too, because it allows random damages, like:
Damage: 2-6
and I don’t think we can do that on the regular Minecraft ^^

Thanks !

Might be a bit late but,
I would love to see this plugin ported over to Sponge, it made things really easy to edit and customize the stats