Item removers?

I’ve seen a few servers have plugins from sponge that say “Removing all items on the ground in x amount of time” however, I cannot find one that isn’t discontinued or out dated. is there any of them that works with current versions of Sponge?

Works with the latest Sponge (if you dont class API 8 which is currently too unstable for normal use) and no obvious signs it has been discontinued

I can’t seem to find the command to clear items. I’ve found the clear chunks, but no items

Looking at the source code the command is “run” but the items command doesnt seem to do anything

Might I offer my opinion that such plugins are generally useless - items despawn by themselves after five minutes.

/kill @e[type=Item]
use a command block or just make a script.
note: This only works for loaded chunks as any plugin does this means any chunks players are in or being force loaded by things like chunk loaders.