Itembleed sponge plugin

Hello Guys

i need someone can make a simple sponge plugin like itembleed plugin ( pvp plugin )

when you attack a player he will drops items like :

If the player loses 7 hearts he will drops 10 emeralds ( and if he eats enchant golden apple he will drops more 10 emeralds if he loses 7 hearts more )

like that

and the players can use a command in the game to know the loses heart and the number of item the player will drop if you kill him

example /playeriteamdrop is4danger

( in the chat game )

  • is4danger itemdrop -

loses hearts : 77 hearts

  • will drop : 100 emeralds -

and if the player dead the hearts and itemdrop will reset to 0 again

and please add you can change the item drops from minecraft example /setitemdrop hand (the item in your hand ) and you can change the

heart loses and the number of items drops from the config and the itemdrop chat

and the item when you kill the player will drops like that Gold in this video (only the emearlds items or anyitem i choose with /setitemdrop hand ) : Redstone PvP #1 - YouTube

Note1 : you can add the mods items

. Note2 : the player will drops the items only when you kill him and

. Note3 : the item will drop ( emeralds in this example ) not from the inventory

. this is my discord : is4danger#8631

and thank you for you time