IT'ers don't exist?

I don’t know how other schools give computer things, but in my school they just give IT (informatics). Its basicly a chunk of courses that include everything the informatics world has … , You see me coming (hopefully).

At my view IT’ers are divided in some categories:

WebDesigners: They are easily to recognise on that white apple logo on their laptop :smile: and they love shiny json services and CSS thingies .
FrameWorkUsers: Are programmers that use frameworks to build apps. (I see myself in this group)
ThaElite: Are the programmers that make the frameworks (.net , java, SQL, Sponge? … )
SysAdmins: People that love shiny consoles and setting up servers (tomcat, apache, virtualisation, networking, …)
ThaConsultants: Are people that love to the theory to explain it to other people (they splitted this in my school already)

My problem with this is that I need to learn a bunch of things I am totally not interested in xD.

What do you think about this?

I’m a SysAdmin
useradd Doctors
chown -R doctors:root
Only cause I like that console
**EDIT:**I think you should learn on your own, like learn cough python cough or something.

What would game developers be considered as? Because that’s what I am xD

DBA’s? and DB Devs? Cant forget us!

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Database Administration, and Hardware, don’t forget about the ones who maintain/build the servers!

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idek hardware<jhhhjghgg

My school doesn’t teach it at all. But IMHO to each his own.

I fall under the category of “Software Developer” as I have training in Web Development using MVC (.NET framework) and back-end in C# (along with learning Java as a base) and also DB stuff such as T-SQL, so I see this as a supergroup of your FWU and also slightly WD but also DBAdmin, which you didn’t mention :open_mouth:

My tendency would be to say that your SysAdmin group was NetworkAdmin

mfw Doctors != doctors, and you’re more likely to chown -R doctors:doctors.

Like I would ever not press tab to autocomplete part of a linux command (Yes, you can do that, just like minecraft(I found out on accident)) besides, I hate Caps on linux.

I probably fall under two of those categories. FrameworkUsers, and Sysadmin. I would love to become an eite though.

I almost exclusively handle hardware, laptops, tablets, phones, soldering, printers, data recoveries etc. Its a very rare day that I handle OS updates, virus removals or even software installs. I have found though that my past experience with web coding, VB6 , OBDC and Linux has helped in unexpected ways. Too much specialization without at least cursory knowledge in other disciplines can restrict your capabilities in the area you do like. Additionally you may come across something that you didn’t expect you would like and could be a better IT person for it.

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I fall in three categories. SysAdmins, Frame Work Users, and Elite. Luckily in my masters research I’ve gotten to write backend frameworks in C++. I’ve mainly been a SysAdmin as that’s what I used to do. It was a good time, until recently I’ve switched to writing backend frameworks for Instructure specifically in their large data processing section. However I find having an experience in all of these really helps me more than you realize. One of the hardest things is to find someone who can program, and explain it to people. It seriously is such a rare occurence you can find a programmer who can explain it to a crowd of security experts, or a crowd of highschool students. It’s an invaluable skill that tons of jobs value. Having basic sys-admin skills help you with logical programming making it easiest for the user to find what they need, and how they like their menu’s sorted, etc. Basically determining if you have to deal with an issue report, or if they can find it themselves. Web Designers, and Framework users are the practicing stages for getting into writing frameworks.

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A basic familiarity in multiple areas can also help working with others who while they may be IT persons may specialize in different areas which is REALLY common. It is far simpler if everyone involved has at least a basic gist of what the others do so every last process or term doesn’t have to be boiled down to nearly layman’s levels. It can be difficult working with someone who is so tunnel visioned on their own area of expertise that they are oblivious to everything else and in cases like that it can cause delays at the very least.

That’s a pretty broad way of looking at it. Yes you’ll be forced the learn things you may not be interested in, but they also may come in handy down the road. Some problems can run together and you may not always have someone else to lean on.

Also be more accurate to put it like this:

Hardware Technician
System Administration
System Engineering
Network Administration
Network Engineering
IT Operations
IT Security
Software Development
Web Development
Database Administration
Customer Support/Helpdesk


I agree with that. But isn’t that the fault of companies and schools ? They see us people as 1 group.
The main reason I made this topic is because I am getting to the end of my courses. And now they are giving me node.js, JSP en :frowning:. All web and design things lol.

I wouldn’t say it’s anyone’s fault. It’s just the nature of the beast really. When I was in school, I wish I had a little more diversity in my studies.

Hmmm, well I really haven’t thought about it that way. I was mostly annoyed because it didn’t interested me. Thanks for your input :smile:, I will think about it when I need to learn it (sight).

IT in schools


And chances are they won’t fix it.


I think there’s a need to distinguish WebDesigners between web integrators (HTML lovers) and web developers (be it frontend or backend).