It's Oh So Quiet?

I might add that there were channellogs of staff-only channels posted publicly.
(remember what i said above about old drama…? :stuck_out_tongue: )

…i’m outta here. sorry.

Disconsented did that. We all said he shouldn’t have done that. Am I being thrown in the same boat because of the actions of another person?


12:29 PM <Dannyps> That was a long time ago... I thought ban lists were cleared more frequently.
12:29 PM <ButterDev_> They were cleared.. they stayed banned
12:30 PM <Dannyps> Weird...
I agree @Dannyps


Of course not. If i wanted to throw you anywhere, your name would be listed there.
No offense made :wink:


See something has happened :stuck_out_tongue:. I knew it XD. Sadly enough its not good or bad news :frowning:.