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Hey,I am trying to learn Java and it seems so hard,Do you guys have any resources I could use? It just gets so hard and unmotivating to learn.I really want to study every aspect of the language.So do you guys have any tips?

It’s not that hard, there are worse things. I learnt java in school and extended my knowledge from looking at existing code.

There is a good reply here for learning Java in this thread

Oh god.

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Well that’s enough internet for today.

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[This] tutorial series will teach you the basics of Java and this [next] one will teach you the more advanced topics of Java.

If you still don’t understand, check out this [other] tutorial series by a different person because you may find it’s easier to understand.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
[this]: Java Programming Tutorial - 1 - Installing the JDK - YouTube
[other]: Learn Java Tutorial 1.1- Setting up Eclipse, Hello World - YouTube
[next]: Intermediate Java Tutorial - 1 - Common String Methods - YouTube

A couple of Java to Real-life comparisons:

Interface is like an idea; you can’t directly use it, but you can make something out of it.
Class is like a workplace; where things are done.
Method is like a worker; it does all the work.

Instances are like humans; there can be many of them, and they can each have their own traits.
Packages are like packages; they can hold things, and even hold other packages (I love opening packages).
Arrays/Lists are like folders; they can store one type of things, usually paper.
HashMaps/Maps are like binders; they can store multiple types of things, including folders and much more, but they can only store things they can fit inside themselves.
Methods to me are more like sheets of paper; they can hold information (variables) and give instructions
Interfaces are more like blueprints; they give an overall base structure to something, which can be customized
Classes are more like buildings; they can be formed from blueprints but they can store all the above things except for packages. Packages can hold basically anything, so they’d be more like Earth.