Java Support (some players unable to connect)

This is the players console log that seems to be frequently happening everytime they try joining a server. Could anyone help analyze this and help figure out what is going on?

What mods are on the server side? I think the problem involves pixelmon in some way.

i was able to temp resolve the issue until further notice by deleting the placers player.dat file but need to do a bit more testing to see if it continues.

From what I can see, it appears that that the Pixelmon server sends a packet to the Pixelmon client during login to request it to send its list of installed mods. When the client is in the process of sending this list to the server, the server closes the connection for some reason.

Can you pastebin your fml-server-latest. and latest.log (or logs/<date>.log.gz) files from the relevant time period? I suspect that there will be more information there.

If this can be consistently reproduced, you can send a ticket to the Pixelmon tracker. Also, does the issue occur when using the vanilla launcher as well, or have you only seen it in pixelmon-beta users?

only in the pixelmon-beta users. haven’t had complaints with the vanilla launcher. and it is consistent.

I have seen this myself, but never picked up client logs for it. Do you see anything server-side when it does happen? I would recommend posting a ticket here

no I dont see anything server sided.

edit this is what i get server sided. (note that gts was recently added so not the cause) i also looked in latest logs when this person joins and it adds over 11000 lines so idk how to upload this unless mediafire or something; pastebin will not allow this many characters

If it’s the same thing over and over and over again, we’ll forgive you if you chop out some of the repetitions. Just make sure the important bits are there.


This is concerning… Server thread/ERROR [gts]: The UUID (473a659e-dd2a-4c67-a426-22690bf9a13b) was not found in the player list..
Can you give me an up to date list of the plugins on your server? I have seen the netty spam before, but it certainly is not the root cause of it.