Javascript Placeholder for placeholderapi [Completed]


Pixelmon Server owner of LunarRisingMC

Work Needed
Just a Javascript placeholder made for placeholderapi. The placeholder is for one of my plugins that offers different number levels and I’d like to have those numbers change colors depending on the number ranges.

1-25(&e) 26-50(&6) 51-75(&a) 76-100(&b) 101-150(&c) 151-200(&2) 201-250(&3)
The regular placeholder for getting the original value is: %level%

$10-$25? You tell me when you contact me.

Its a javascript placeholder. not much in terms here.



increased base rate from 5-10 to 10-25. still need someone that can do this. i have a placeholder similar for changing prestige levels from numerical to roman numeral but i need something to change regular levels to custom colored