JEIDs help

smol crash thing
[big crash thing[(---- Minecraft Crash Report ----WARNING: coremods are present: wings (win -

Hey! I recently updated my modpack and found it exceeds the id limit, so I installed JustEnoughIDs and I saw on the incompatibility list that versions above 1.0.3-54 work but that looked to be for sponge 8.0.0 and I’m on 7.4.8 so I dunno if that still applies?
I don’t know what versions of sponge and jeid I would need to make it work if it does at all with this version but I’ve tried a few things like using versions 1.0.3-44 to 1.0.4, making sponge load first and making jeid load first by adding ! to the beginning of them.
I’ve put just the crash thing in the first pastebin link and the whole crashlog in the second so hopefully that helps. :+1:

The mod incompatibility page is for api 7 (while the page has been updated since API 8, it was only to modify the title to add the mod incompatibility (with api 7) on.

As for issues with JEID after version 54, im not aware of any. Its likely that its a issue with another mod that didnt show the light before you added JEID as the item id check was done before the Mixin check.

If i was you, i would create a new temporary server on your computer and then only have sponge and jeids in the mods folder. If there are still errors then we know it is JEID, if not then slowly add each mod back to find the issue.

Once found, report it to us and we maybe able to help you futher

Thanks, I’m kinda embarrassed I didn’t think of that in the first place. Farseek apparently didn’t work with version 5 or 5.1, though I didn’t see it was even incompatible in the first place. Thank you!
Edit: Also seems the mod Rustic doesn’t work well with sponge either.