JobsLite - Adds jobs that allow players to earn currency

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JobsLite is a dedicated jobs plugin created for Sponge. This plugin is extremely easy to use, with no file editing necessary to create jobs. JobsLite does this via an intuitive chat system to walk you through job creation.


  • Drag & Drop Installation
    • Just drop JobsLite into your “mods” folder with Sponge and start your server
  • Multi-Threaded
    • Portions of JobsLite are multi-threaded to give you even better performance
  • Translatable
    • JobsLite allows you to customize every message sent to the player
  • MySQL Support
    • JobsLite can store job data in a MySQL database
  • Easy to use job management
    • JobsLite comes with an easy to use chat interface for job management, so no file editing is necessary


Installing JobsLite is very simple. Just drag and drop JobsLite into your “mods” folder along with Sponge and start your server. The configuration and data files can be found in <config directory>/jobslite.

Important: JobsLite requires an economy plugin to function.


The documentation for JobsLite is available here.

Issues and Bugs

All issues should be reported to the GitHub issue tracker here.


Development Builds

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What is the status of this plugin for API7?

I’m busy with my classes right now, I’ll be sure to update my plugins sometime soon for new latest API versions.

I’ll attempt to do the update and PR it back.

Here ya go: Update to SpongeAPI 7.0.0-Snapshot. Contributors: Zidane / Dockter. by Dockter · Pull Request #31 · Flibio/JobsLite · GitHub

It compiles and starts on the server just fine. I haven’t 100% tested it in-game yet.

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Thank you very much! I’ll merge it and create a release sometime this weekend probably.

A new version has been released for JobsLite, it is available for download here.


Error on SpongeForge build 2557.

Development builds link is broken

Yeah, I decided to end my website, I’m just going to be releasing on Ore now. The development builds really were no different from the release builds. At best you could receive updates a few minutes early.

Please update the plugin for the stable version of API 7.

I will look into this.

Having an issue with creating a job; i got to the point where it wants me to double click the block i want to allow the player to add experience when broken; However double clicking it in the hot bar does nothing, double clicking when it is placed does nothing…

Also; What does it mean “Block data is stored with block”?

I believe you must right-click in the world on an actual block. Not in rapid succession, just twice.

“Block data is stored with block” means that the block will have to explicitly match. For instance, with that option turned on, a oak log will have to be an oak log of the same rotation. A birch log will not work. If that option is turned off, any log will work.

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Sweet! thanks man

Is there a way to prevent XP loss when switching jobs? I’m trying to use your pluggin as a pseudo skills plugin, but when switching between active jobs (skills) my players lose all their XP

So you are looking for the job levels to transfer between jobs? For instance a level 15 log chopper and become a level 15 miner?

Or simply preserving levels when job switches: A level 15 log chopper can become a level 1 miner then go back to a level 15 chopper?

The second one; a level 15 chopper can become a level 1 miner, then go back to being a level 15 chopper.

I tried laborus like you recommended me before; but it sadly is broken by API 7.1 where yours works fine.

Could you create an issue on GitHub with your suggestion? I’m busy right now, but I will try to get to it when I have time.

A new version has been released for JobsLite, it is available for download here.


  • Fixed an unlimited jobs joining bug (@braunly)
  • Refactored for the latest SpongeAPI changes (@braunly)
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