Just joined.. looks great so far!

Anyways, this is my first post, and dayum these forums look good.


Welcome to the club! :smiley:

Welcome to Sponge! Hopefully you will like it just as much as I do! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!

I just joined too. I like XenForo better though.

Well XenForo is nice aswell… :wink:

XenForo is overused. I think it’s nice that this community is probably the first ever community that hosts a Minecraft Server framework that doesn’t use XenForo (which is actually seriously surprising).

Doing some experimenting with the styling… just colored the header, how’s it look?

First thing I noticed when I logged in today is how sexy the header is looking. Nice @riking.

I agree that it is over used, but for some reason I like the look better. Don’t get me wrong, this website looks amazing, I just find the layout of XenForo to look better.

We have @reduced_fat_milk doing a design soon, I think - will be much better than what I can bang together.

Right on. Well good job @reduced_fat_milk and web team.

Couldn’t really do much but I threw this together
Thoughts? I don’t really like yellow in general, as it’s hard to work with as a base color, but I think it turned out alright.
The text in the main logo needs to be made white.

Ohh I love it. I’m a fan of blackish themes.

Welcome Here , Have Fun here ! = )

Enjoy your stay.
Are you a developer/coder?
If yes, take a look at these threads.