Keep getting error when creating project

When making a project I repeatedly get the following error -> Project creation timed out, or you have not uploaded a plugin file.
despite what I upload or how long I take. Please explain why this occurring. (I have a valid file and a valid file in the output the manifest being in META-INF and being in the root folder of the jar. I also have a signed PGP key which it accepts)

Thanks for your report! We’ll try to investigate and fix this ASAP.


Thank you so much!!

It’s a issue coming back from the design of our upload process… there is no quick fix we can deploy to get this working :frowning: did you get through it and uploaded the plugin already or do you still experience this issue?

I’ll try in the morning! I haven’t slept in 19 hours :sweat_smile:

@felixoi I’m still experiencing the error :sob: