Keep it Simple - SpongeAPI = Interfaces != Utils

keep it simple - atm we need no syntax sugar

SpongeAPI is an API, an interface to modify the minecraft server.
Complex things, like

  • Persistence API
  • AnnotationBased Config System
  • AutoPluginUpdate
  • ComplexPrefixbased Annotation Command System
  • PermissionAliases
  • RxEvents

can we later build on top. Keep that in mind :wink:
(I learned it, too)

I like the discussions on IRC of cool complex systems, but atm. we need a clean, simple, leightweight and BASIC Interface.
We have already a thread for that:

But it is also important for the developers and API design.

<sibomots> what's so aweful about syntax sugar.
<sk89q> there isn't, but it should not be the foundation
<sk89q> you can build annotations on top of a more explicit system
<sk89q> but not the other way aroun

So basically there’s no point in publishing it at the time you suggest given the lack of features which a lot of plugins would rely for sure so goodbye flash-flood of plugins…

I think it’s best we leave the devs to make what they deem worthy to be in Sponge by default and just help where we can.

EDIT: Please correct me if I’m wrong.

He is correct, there is no point in making a plugin right now. Even if you got your plugin working with the sponge API:

  1. There is not an official server implementation of this yet
  2. The API is very likely to change very fast and break your plugin