Key or attribute?

Hello, i want to save a proprieties for 1 entity or 1 block, but i don’t want to save is on a file, and i want to be saved, i know the key, but can i create myself? or attribute? or data? thx

You can’t store custom data with an entity right now, but I’ll work on making a PR for that later today.

Uhhh, yes you can..

Custom data is fully implemented so long as you do the following:

  • Properly implement your custom DataManipulator
  • Which involves associating each “value of data” with a Key
  • Register your own DataManipulatorBuilder with the DataManipulatorRegistry

While the docs haven’t been fully written yet, @Saladoc has some docs eventually planned.

okey… i will wait the docs…

Don’t expect them anytime soon. I still got a lot on my plate for docs and then I have of course yet to toy around a little bit with that feature before I am able to explain it adequatly. There are many other priorities we need to take care of in order to have the docs prepared for a beta release of Sponge.

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Is there a GitHub issue for custom data? If not, we should create one and add gabizou’s post as a hint.

It’s all part of this Issue - Custom Data is mentioned near the bottom. You’re most welcome to collaborate on this, it’s something we really want available when Sponge Beta escapes from it’s containment field.

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It’s a good thing - atm I’m storing all my stuff on other ways.
Maybe I will toy around with it.