Keyboard locking in nether-portal

I found a bug.

Minecraft Server 1.12.2
Forge 1.12.2-
Spongeforge 1.12.2-2555-7.0.0-BETA-2791

While we are in nether portal, we cannot use a keyboard. If server have a user authentication, for example via flexiblelogin plugin – user must type /login password when it connecting to server. But user is in nether portal! Keyboard is locked. User cannot type password! In admin console I can teleport user to nearby place typing a command “/tp user x y z”. Buf flexiblelogin plugin lock user coordinates, command does not work on unlogged users.

How to unlock keyboard while user is in portal to nether?

I belive this is done client side. So you can either get a mod that reenables it. Or if you want i could make a little plugin that disables the nether block for the player when they join the server allowing them to use the message functions again

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Ask the author of Flexiblelogin to create a fix. For example the plugin might move slightly away the player from the portal when a portal is detected near the player.


Just to give an official reply, @Yeregorix is correct.

There is no real solution that the Sponge team can implement to fix this, especially considering it’s only a serious issue when combined with a specific plugin.

I’d suggest commenting on the thread for FlexibleLogin, or creating a issue ticket on FlexibleLogin’s github.

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or simple server plugin with tp on spawn onjoin