Kicked for floating a vehicle too long

We run a Pixelmon server, in this mod players can ride pixelmon entities to fly. We also don’t want to have “allow-flight=true” in the server properties, as it allows players to cheat via client mods.

Occasionally, it will kick a player like this:
[22:40:20] [Server thread/WARN]: Player was kicked for floating a vehicle too long!
[22:40:20] [Server thread/INFO]: Player lost connection: Flying is not enabled

This started happening ever since we updated to 1.10, after some testing it seems to be vanilla behavior.
An easy way to see this in effect is to summon a Boat with the NoGravity tag, if you get in this, it will kick the player in seconds, regardless of flight capabilities (creative flying).

I would like to ask, is it possible to have a config setting in Sponge to allow vehicles to “float”?

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