Könnte einer ein rank System programmieren


ich bin auf der Suche nach einen ranksystem
wir wollen ein Pokémon 6.3.2 Server aufmachen brauchen aber einen Berechtigungssystem
wo man seinen Rang in der Config ändern kann

wir sind von spigot auf sponge 1.12.2 gewechselt

My english is very bad sorry.

I am looking for a rank system
we want to open a Pokémon 6.3.2 server but need an authorization system
where you can change his rank in the config

we switched from spigot to sponge 1.12.2



Dies ist ein englisches Forum. Es werden dir viel mehr Leute antworten können, wenn du auf Englisch schreibst.

I know of LuckPerms which is a very good permissions plugin. Ranks are groups there. I don’t know if the permissions and such are saved in a config file, but I would certainly use the ingame commands, or there’s some sort of web editor I have read, which might be even better.
RankUpper may be also interesting to use.


ohh sry oky okay changed you

could you help me to create the groups

[Like such a little tutorial?]



You can find the wiki here:


I can’t handle, I’m still new here

and I haven’t found a useful tutorial either


and the default group should be a guest directly

Group 1 is to bequeath everything to group 5
Could one join on the server and help me with the groups.


Besides basic things, I haven’t used LuckPerms really yet. The wiki should answer all of your questions and is better than an outdated tutorial.