Laborus - a customizable job plugin



You are missing a } in line 31 and line 59 to close the blocks also at the end are missing some more brackets. Also you have written “itemReapir” instead of “itemRepair”. And the items in the actions are not direct children of these but instead in the items property, also the ability was missing the type property.

So i fixed your configuration now and you can find it here (you need to place this within the [ ] in the jobs=[] part):


How well would this work with Pixelmon?


Kurt’s Job: Gaining XP and rewards for making Pokeballs.
Training: Gaining XP and rewards from defeating wild Pokemon.



All the actions that are the same as in vanilla (break, place, use etc.) should also work with the pixelmon items. Creating Pokeballs is supported throug with the pixelmon_anvil action (i am right that they are created at the anvil?) i dont know if defeating wild pokemons would react to any action but maybe the pixelmon_catch from the extension i have linked above will do the thing :slight_smile:


A new version has been released for Laborus, it is available for download here.

  • updated to Api 6 (also supports current Api 7 version) (#41)
  • added command JobBonus (#35)
  • JobBoni can be awarded only for certain items
  • added fishing JobActions (#34)
  • fixed negative xp amounts change level to -1 (#21)
  • fixed error if no item is in the hand (#40)


No posts since august so i fear this plugin is dead… (boy i hope not)

But! hopefully my question will be answered!
I am using your website config editor, and adding abilities seems broken…

EDIT: Gave up on the config editor, doing it manually (such a pain…)
however now i am getting an error when running “/jobs change join miner” saying “Argument was not a valid choice. Valid choices : [Join, Leave]”

Well… it was working… I continued to configure while i waited for a reply; now whenever Laborus is loaded in my mods folder i get the following crash:

Deleting the config files does not help i’m afraid…

the conf file for my job:

extra quotations and a missing bracket. problem solved!

three issues remain:
1.)Still cannot join my class (or leave it if it’s auto assigned)
2.)i gain XP with every hit instead of after the block has been destroyed…
3.)i cannot seem to figure out the economy configuration…
4.) It does not get the date from my default levels table in Laborus config; i had to fill the data in for the job.


So i am whole heartedly confused… Why do i need the data in a .conf file as well as in the jobs=[] field in Laborus.conf…?

PS; fixed my issue by wiping the server… still can’t configure though…


Hm i would think that most bugs are due to the latest updates to sponge and that this plugin was last tested by me 1 or 2 versions ago… I also have mostly abandoned the plugin as it has almost zero users and im quite occupied with some other projects and studying :slight_smile: But if you know some Java you can ofcourse fork the plugin on github :slight_smile:


Well, that is unfortunate; More so because i know zero java… :slight_smile:
Perhaps i’ll give it a whirl updating to the latest API and seeing if i can figure out whats what.

Welp, it’s forked. first step is to make it functional with API 7.1
If you happen to have some tips on the matter…(or know where i can find some) I’ll happily buy you some coffee… :wink:


A new version has been released for Laborus, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed compiler errors for Sponge Api 7 / Plugin is working but has some deprecated api warnings


A new version has been released for Laborus, it is available for download here.

  • replaced deprecated Api methods


A new version has been released for Laborus, it is available for download here.

  • fixed a startup crash


Hey there Lergin, first off, amazing job on this plugin. Customization is definitely the key point to this jobs plugin, great job. Unfortunately I have an issue relating to the placing of items. I am currently creating a job where placing items is the way to gain xp as well as using an item(wrench). I am using this on a modded server with modded items within the config. I have several jobs already added with mainly the Use and Break actions and they work great. I have tried replacing the Place action with Use but here I found a player can just right click the air and just continuously gain xp and taking the fun out of it. The Place action doesn’t seem to function at all it seems. Also no error logs and I also created my job files from scratch and not using the web editor you have created. Feel I put too much time into creating the jobs to have them randomly disappear haha anyways here is the Place action from my config:
Thanks in advance!


I know i am not Lergin,
But please post your Sponge version and plugin version so he can better assist you.


Oh wow yeah I can’t believe I forgot that. Note to self, don’t start giving issues at 2 in the morning.

Laborus 1.6.2


You may want to make a proper bug report on the Github page:

Not sure if it will help get anything done faster or not; per this report it needs a lot of work to get updated to API v7.1:


Perhaps this will never happen


Perhaps; though we can always be hopeful.

There is also this plugin here:

Actively worked on by the sole dev. Though i believe the two plugins are moving in two different directions; the Dev is open to suggestions on his discord so maybe some of your features could be added.


plugin has been abandoned for about 2 years now.


So no alternative ? Time to go Kettle ?