Laborus Pixelmon - An extension to Laborus to add support for Pixelmon specific stuff

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Laborus Pixelmon

This Project is no longer maintained, you can still download it or look at the source code at GitHub but no updates or support will be provided

An extension to Laborus to add Pixelmon specific actions.

Actionname Item Type
pixelmon_catch Pokemon Type
pixelmon_evolve Pokemon Type
pixelmon_throw Pokeball Type
pixelmon_levelup Pokemon Type
pixelmon_anvil Item Type
pixelmon_breed Pokemon Type

This plugin uses bStats to collect metrics about the usage. This can be deactivated in the bStats config.

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Love it :slight_smile:

Much possibility of adding breeding events?
Defeat events of specific pokemon or named NPC trainers?

I just added breeding events in my current development version, for fight events i need to look a bit more into how those are handelt by pixelmon but they may also be possible in the future :slight_smile:

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any example config for this? Id love to use this on my new server.

I just created a simple example configuration, a real one with some more actions should be available with the next version that also should fix some bugs that the current one has:

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A new version has been released for Laborus Pixelmon, it is available for download here.

  • added an anvil JobAction
  • added a breed JobAction
  • fixed the sending of the block message
  • fixed the blocking of the catch JobAction
  • fixed the evolve JobAction
  • updated to Laborus 1.4.2
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The docs on ore may need to be updated :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reminder, done :slight_smile:

Based on your example config, you were only able to state 1 pokemon. Is there a way to specify all pokemons? or maybe a certain type of pokemon (eg, water type)

Currently there is no way to do that but i already thought about that :slight_smile:

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Any chance of updating to work with pixelmon reforged?

I will not update the plugin if it isn’t working but the source code is freely available on GitHub so if anyone else is willing to do this they can fork the repository