Lag issues

So recently I have been having slight lag issues with my server when we go over 50 players, but I can’t figure out whats causing this. Here is a timings report, if more info is needed I would be more than happy to provide it.

Sponge 1585
Pixelmon 4.2.7
Latest forge for 1.8.9

I believe we’re experiencing the same issue.

Minecraft::world - Update Blocks - RandomTick seems to be quite high

and sometimes I would see Minecraft::minecraft:grass or leaves on the top as well

Yeah I sent this to my server host, and he recommended I make a post to sponge.

I was given a link to a timings report of a server at 150+ players:

He seems to be running it fine.

I’m thinking it has something to do with the host at this point.

He seems to be running fine? xD That server is running at a steady 11TPS… I wouldn’t really call that “Fine” Maybe that’s just me.

Hmm did not notice that. I was actually more focused on the lag summary view below. Blood sent me this btw. I was also told to lower my view-distance in the server properties to 4. Try that if you want. Well, considering that he has 150+ players it could be the reason for this tps.

Ehh… There should be no reason at all that we would have to lower our view distance to 4 with only 50-75 people on. And I don’t think that big server has the same config, because from what I know you have to set “verbose=true” to true(it is default false) to see the entities or block updates like grass in detail.

I believe @blood is working on some improvements to this.