Lag Spikes

Every time I use spongeforge with the luckperms mod it start to give me continuous lag spikes, I do not know what is causing this issue, the only way I was able to fix this was by removing all spongeforge plugins and playing without any.

Your post lacks any specific info, so it’s not much of a data point. Can you include which version of Sponge, Forge, Luckperms, and other plugins that you are using? By the way, the Luckperms Mod does not need Sponge, it runs natively on Forge.

I am using the latest sponge version for 1.16.5, as well as luckperms version 5.4.0 for spongeforge, because luckperms for 1.16.5 does not exist for forge. I am also using forge 36.2.34, and in my servers console it keeps stating that “(user) moved wrongly!” From my experience the lag spikes stop when I remove spongeforge support from my server as well as all the plugins. I am using this for pixelmon as well, and my CPU and Memory seem to be fine.

If the lag spike is just movement. Then its likely sponge’s movement check issue.

If you go into the global.conf file in the sponge config folder and then disable the movement check.

Then in the sponge.conf file, enable the movement check. That should fix that issue

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This very much worked! Thanks a lot!

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