Lag tracker plugin?

I’m looking for a mod that tracks down laggy entities in the world similar to OPIS or if anyone knows how to get opis to work with 1.8.9. Any suggestions?

Sponge already has built in tracking.

Run “/sponge timings report” and you get a link you can click on - this will break down the times for individual parts of the server’s tick time.

It’s a bit lengthy, but this video will give you an overview on what it all means (it can be a bit scary at first, but it all makes sense):

Thanks! I finished watching the video but I’m still not sure about some of the information shown and how I can fix it. Can someone please have a look?

To me this looks like the lag is coming from someone generating new parts of the world :smiley:
Is someone traveling in unvisited areas? ^^

Yup, thanks for the help everyone! I’m going to go pre-gen the world

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I would also recommend setting a world border (using a plugin or minecraft’s native border) to prevent players from roaming 30k blocks out. That way players don’t cause too much lag, and you can expand when necessary.