Laggy Chunk Viewer / Tracker

Hello everyone!
Alright so lately we’ve been having a lot of member online and sadly not everyone is cautious about lag. Some of their setup arn’t always the most performance efficient and cause obviously lag spike for everyone.
Now I’ve noticed that many plugin has clear lag for items, mobs, etc… and even sponge has it’s timing report (with it’s region) but I have not found one that pin points exactly which chunk is the laggiest so we can investigate the chunk. As I know that the majority of the lag are simply what players has done in their chunk. Because right now all I find that I can do in situation like this is either restart the server, clear lag of items and mobs, unload chunks and timings report however I would rather find the issued chunk, investigate, repair and explain to the player what was the issue. I have the feeling of being blind when something comes up.

If you’re using SpongeForge, I recommend using TickProfiler, the chunk section gives chunk co-ords (not normal co-ords), just x16.

Hope that helps

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If you’re looking for a pretty good profiling tool which is more accurate than Tickprofiler, Have a look at a plugin called Opis. There are versions floating around which are compatible with spongeforge and it has the ability for you to teleport to offending blocks and highlights them for you

There is? I had been looking for one for over a year, could you link us to the ones you found? - Bear in mind that there is still some instability when using it on 1.12 servers - It might cause servers to crash.

Been looking for opis on 1.10.2 hope this one works :crossed_fingers:

aah darn. I was so hyped to try it out on our 1.10.2 beyond mod pack server. But it crashes. Either version :frowning: Someone told me I need mobiuscore to run it but I can’t even find a version for 1.10.2

Yeah, This is the patched version of opis that we use on our server, hence why I said it might be unstable/crash things