LAN support

This was a HUGE fail on my side! Sorry.

I don’t know if you realize that any server supports lan. Even the versions of mojang.

Very simple actually.

  1. Setup a server on a computer
  2. open cmd and do “ipconfig” and look for ipv4 address.
  3. Share that address with any1 in your LAN.

Note that this doesn’t work online. For that you need to setup NAT to forward ports.

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Don’t think you need to do that any more for the past few version of Minecraft. It seems to automatically search the local network for running local servers.

Well that was a fail on my side :cookie:

Doesn’t matter mate, LAN == Internet. The whole internet works on LAN. If this wouldn’t work you couldn’t join a online bukkit/forge server. If that didn’t work I wouldn’t even been writing here.

Its even that bad that LAN support is merged in your operating system xD.

I don’t think that’s how it works XD Internet is more of a WAN if anything. LAN is just a restriction to the internal network you’re connected to via modem/router. You can emulate an internal network over an internet connection with Hamachi, although that’s not ideal if it can be avoided.

If you meant cabled vs wi-fi internet being the same as far as the LAN is concerned, then yeah. It doesn’t matter how you connect to your modem/router, once connected, your part of the LAN. Not necessarily internet. You can have an internet-less LAN.


You can connect to a minecraft server on the same router using[port] without needing to port forward from my experience.

I was trying to keep it simple, but you’re right indeed :blush:.

Naah thats the loopback address, you use that IP for locally running servers. Most likely it will be something in range of this :

But they both primarily use Internet protocol (IP)

1 Like is a loopback, it will only connect to the PC it’s being used from. Won’t need to specify the port unless you use a custom port. If another computer on the LAN is hosting the server, you’ll likely need a 192.168.x.x address, where the last x generally isn’t 1, otherwise it’ll try to connect to the router. (Although not all internal network IPs are that format, mind you, depending on your setup)

If you’re hosting the MC server on your own PC, but not via the client’s built-in server, you can connect with the loopback address or ‘localhost’ though.

Regardless, you generally don’t need port-forwarding for LAN games. The port forwarding is responsible for data being received by the router/modem being re-routed to a specific internal address. It’s only necessary for external connections.

No need for futher replies guys. It was a fail on my side. :blush:

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Found this too:


I closed this because the original post was edited removing the original content. The posted received the answer they wanted.

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