Latest Sponge Download links

Our repo indexer for downloads seems to be having trouble past few days so I will keep this post updated with latest Sponge download links until it gets fixed.

Current SpongeForge repo:

Looks like the indexer has updated -snip-

Edit: The page updates but links are still broken

Get latest SpongeForge builds here:

Yeah, but it still says 404 when trying to download

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@simon816, @Toothpick Yeah :frowning: Nothing above version 711 from the list will download, and we can only stare at all those tantalizing changes that have been made…
Same with the apis above version -65

Currently, build 717 is the latest working/downloadable build.
Edit: Build 717 is corrupted, changed the link to 716.

Accordin to the developers 717 is corrupted but has been fixed in later versions or use v 716

Can you provide a download link for 720?

I tried, but as you see there is a lot of compile errors (it was warnings, oops)
Here it is, use at your own risk!

Thanks, but its not correlating to the plugins

Weird. Let me try it.

You pasted the api and not the dev build

Oh, forgive me! I accidentally… I think my brain is too exhaust due to my school work.
I will edit this post once I upload the correct version :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem - I know what it’s like when the brain is running in neutral :joy:

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Ok, now I can see the reason why Sponge is not on the maven. It says the compiler ran with 79 errors and the problem is with the SpongeCommon project.

All SpongeForge downloads can now be found here

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