Leaderboard Plugin


I was looking for a plugin that could set a leaderboard for the 30-floor battle tower I’m making on my Pixelmon server, that could display the top 10 players who have reached the highest in the tower. It would also have to be automatically updated on each floor so server staff wouldn’t have to constantly monitor the battle tower.

It would be amazing to have it accessed by a pixelmon NPC or a Villager, but floating text would probably be more realistic, just to make it more compatible with other mods and plugins. I’m not sure how simple this would be, since I’m so used to seeing the leaderboards on big servers and their minigames (hypixel, mineplex, etc.).

This plugin doesn’t have to specifically be for a battle tower, but since I saw that there wasn’t any plugins that kept a specific/custom leaderboard for a progression or acheivement for sponge, I thought that other people have probably looked for something like this in the past.


Would a player scoreboard do? As in the typical scoreboard that appears on the right of the screen?

Oh and what plugin are you using to launch the minigame of tower?

I guess a player scoreboard on the top right of the screen would be nice to have, but only to see what floor you are on. I was looking to display all players on the ground level who have acheived the highest floors, as a leaderboard.

I wasn’t going to use a plugin to initialize the battle tower, I was just going to make the ground level the leaderboard/floor-rewards/pokecenter, and have players start by pressing a button or by stepping on a pressure plate, and that tps you to the “first floor” directly above. I’m open to ideas though, because the way I was thinking of is kind of rudimentary.

What about location? Is that the only thing in the world or is it in a world with other things?

It’s a tower that is right next to spawn, so it’s not the only thing in the world :slight_smile: