LEC - Lock Entities and Containers

I’ve started work on a plugin that will allow users to lock entities and containers.
No alpha builds yet.

I’d love to hear some of your ideas/features the plugin should have.

Here’s some of mine:
Public Locks (So people can open but not lock themselves)
Private Locks (Only locker can open)
Party Locks
Password lock (Option to require only once or every time)
Integration with plugins like GriefPrevention and other clan protection plugins to allow clan members to open locked items.
Private all locks while offline
Built in party system

Aesthetic features:
Pattern lock (Place a pattern of items in a GUI to open the chest)
When in lock/unlock mode, status will be on the action bar instead of spamming chat.


Great idea !

Speaking of patterns, I used to have lorelocks and it was pretty fun :

Maybe it can bring you some features.

Any idea when you will start developing this? I am in need of a way to lock/private containers.

I’ve got the API 60-70% done.
After that’s done I’ll start commands.
I’d have it done sooner but I’m maintaining my HermitPack and Infinity 1.10.2 servers right now.
I’ll see what I can do to release it sooner.

Drop bins: insert items, only owner can take them out.

Drop bins? Do you mean allowing any player to drop an item in a hopper and only owner can take it out?
If so, that’ll be toggle-able because people would be able to fill chests with unnecessary junk, maybe clogging up auto-farms that need chest space.

I was thinking more insert-only chests. And you’re not wrong.

Should I add support for plugins like polis so admins have the option to only allow players to protect in their town?
Because with LWC people used to lock spawners in the nether by placing furnaces around them and protecting them.


Yes, that would be lovely. I am currently looking into this mostly because I run Polis - and people within towns can’t protect their things from eachother. If it would be possible to have the claim work within a polis only, it’d be swell.

Let me know of any testing, I am running latest 1.10.2 spongeforge.

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