Left Navigation [WIP]

When I’m reading threads, I don’t want to have to go back to the main page to change which category I’m looking in so I added a left navigation to easily change which category you are reading.

Some people are going to say that you can do this by going into that small menu to the left of your display picture and then select your category though that is 1 click to many in my opinion. When I build a website, I aim to make everything accessible in just 1 click.

I’m still working on the userscript but you can download it here: SpongePowered Forum Navigation

Version: 0.7

As it’s a userscript, you’ll need one of the following browser extensions:

Chrome: Tampermonkey
Safari: GreaseKit
Firefox: Greasemonkey
Opera: Violent Monkey / Tampermonkey Beta
Internet Explorer: Trixie

Optional Values
There are a couple optional values that you are free to change. They are left, fixed, and boxHeight. left defaults to true, changing this to false will move the nav to the right of your screen.
fixed defaults to false, changing this to true will make it stay in the same place when you scroll.
boxHeight is the height of the nav boxes in pixels. Default is 70

You can change these values by going into Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/etc. and choosing the userscript and editing the values as shown in this image:

Script in use:

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As stated in the previous topic that contained this, the white space ensures different sized screens are able to fit the same content. My 21 inch secondary monitor at 1440x900, which houses my web browser, does not have the screen size required for this on the left side.

However, my 32 inch primary monitor at 1920x1080 does.

Other pictures of how it looks on the screen that is too small:

Another thing I happened to notice it breaks. Two different pages with same result.

A few other things, it breaks the drag function (resize) of the reply box, breaks the auto update of a thread (IE: When you submit your reply), and breaks the updated thread alerts until a refresh.

Now don’t get me wrong here, this is just to let you see what breaks and what needs to be fixed, if at all possible. I do appreciate you taking your time to create this. Hope this helps you fix the issues!

EDIT: Using Chrome browser,

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I have a suggestion. Make it scroll with the page, so that in huge pages you don’t have to scroll all the way up (or use that top button) to access the nav

As I mentioned, this is still a work in progress so I will be working on this.

And as asked by MiniDigger, I will most probably add a line in there to make it fixed on scroll.


  • Reply Box’s grip fixed
  • Thread Auto Update fixed
  • Fixed Positioning added (optional)
  • Responsive width

@KodFod Width should be responsive now. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Looking good, Fixes work, however the ‘optional’ fixed position is still not working, even with

fixed = false

Some personal quirks:

  • Make the colored boxes clickable (not just the text)
  • Make the boxes a wee bit slimmer. (or an option to do so)

Still broken profile link at top right, takes you to the same page you are currently looking at and then stays the same until you reload the page (not change page) or sometimes have to clear cache. For more clarification: Go to a page, hover over your profile pic on top right, links you to the page you are currently viewing. Go to another page, same link (previous page) when you click your profile picture.

Making great progress! Keep it up! :smile:

Boxes are now clickable (this was in the pipeline, just forgot about it). The boxes can now be adjusted.

As for your problem, can you tell me which browser and version you are using so I can solve it. Mine works fine which leads me to believe it’s on your browser.

Sure thing! Windows 8.1, Chrome Version 38.0.2125.111 m

EDIT: Updating to Chrome Version 38.0.2125.122 m fixed the issue!

Glad you fixed the issue. I think it may be a problem of the combination of Windows 8 and that version of Chrome. I’m on the same version though on Windows 7.

Who knows!