Lego Worlds - The Better Minecraft?

Lego Worlds is a total surprise for me.

The generated landscape already looks better than in Minecraft. The engine seems to be really powerful. There are animals, cars, aircrafts…

What do you think?


I had thought to myself that this was going to be really silly and not-so-great, but it looks like its incredibly dynamic and flexible. I haven’t really looked into it much, but from the video, this could make for an awesome multiplayer enviroment.

imagine if hoomans stepped in that world and weren’t allowed footwear.

anyways, it looks really nice as a multiplayer game but i’m mainly expecting it to be a console game. if it gets on PC too, it can probably get mods onto it as well, but i’d have to wait and see to have a full opinion on it. i don’t expect it to be as good as minecraft purely because of the creative modding community we have here. not to say there isn’t anything stopping Lego Worlds from performing the same feat.

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Seems like Lego wants to get back into the mmo club

currently its singleplayer only…

I believe it is actually going to be on Steam first, considering that the beta is on Steam. Maybe they’re aiming to allow for mods, although its probably still a bit too early to know, but it would be a smart move for them.

I impulse bought it and must say I am impressed with it so far. However, of course, it has its hitches.

  • Physics, mainly for vehicles, can be a bit derpy, but its a Lego game so I forgive them and would not be upset if it stayed this way.
  • Camera controls are a bit tedious, and sometimes the camera phases into the terrain.
  • While I can nearly max out Minecraft (except antialiasing and anisotropic filtering, of course, which are both at 4x) and hold 200 fps or so, I had to disable FSAA, shadows and texture quality on low, just to hold around 20 fps. The upside: the game was kind enough to tell me it was struggling and to turn the settings down.

Now, it is still impressive.

  • Brushes for flattening, building up and removing terrain make terrain editing easy.
  • Vehicles, animals, and interactive props.
  • Terrain is much more precise due to Legos being smaller than cubic meter blocks.
  • Ability to auto build template structures. If you’ve played Garry’s Mod, think duplicator tool, but with a predetermined list of dupes and no ability to save dupes (that is, I haven’t found something like this, yet. I’m still playing with it).

I think this game will more coexist than compete with Minecraft. It feels like an improved creative mode, but I don’t think I would play this for a survival experience.


I would like to see a first-person survival mode.

Maybe with crafting, but only for special bricks. Basic bricks are exchangeable like in creative mode (mine a green roof brick, place a red 2x2 brick).

With this, Medieval Engineers, and a myriad of other cool looking games coming up, Minecraft may have a run for their money.


Not necessarily. Minecraft already has an established modding community, player community, server community, ect.

Looks really nice, but the lego theme is more of a turn off… If the game has Minecraft’s resource packs to change the theme of the game so it isn’t a kid looking game I’m all in. Even if Minecraft changed it’s whole terrain to look like this game, it would be awesome.

Seems too complex for a simple game like Minecraft. I do not see them being competitors but more a completely different game genre.


From a technical perspective. I think that, that game is better than minecraft. Ofc I don’t know what the performance will be in multiplayer ;). But if they succeed to get that blocky airplane flying with 20 players on, WITHOUT STUTTER. I think its engine will be much better than minecraft.

I have played with this mod for a while on a server: And stutter was simply something you had to deal with.

Also I wonder how survival with lego has to be?

@ewized Said what I failed to come up with words for. The fact that Minecraft has simple 1 cubic meter blocks adds simplicity. But this game’s level of precision with brick sizes simply makes it a bit too technical for me.

This almost looks like a replacement for the shutdown lego universe (that’s what it was called I believe), but it’s SP… Certainly interesting.

MP coming after early access, at least planned.

My experience with the game ao far:
The cutscenes when you meet a new character get a bit old.
Studs are cool
When you build you get this weird gravity gun type of thing
You can suck the planet into your tool.
You have unlimited bricks
I cant build vechicles :frowning:

I don’t think I’m going to play this, I played the hell out of Lego Universe until it got shutdown though… :frowning:

It is my understanding that template building is all you get or will get in Lego Worlds. And the same scuttlebutt says that the reason fully free-form building is not and will not be allowed is because automated dick detection is hard. (So to speak.) And Warner Brothers is horrified by the idea of some kid succeeding in actually constructing a set of structures that from a certain angle looks like a dick and a set of balls, in case some other kid who’s never seen one (or kid’s parent) sees it and is psychologically scarred for life. Or worse, sues Warner.

I’ve played it. It’s not bad. I got bored pretty fast, but it is early access so content will be added. I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse than Minecraft. It’s definitely not going to replace it nor do I think it’s anything like Minecraft. It’s unique in its own. it’s worth checking out.

It’s mostly freebuild with some sets you can place here and there, but otherwise it’s pretty free.