Let's bring Patreon back to the stage

I am not even sure if this is still occurring, but in the past people could contribute a certain amount to the Sponge Patreon and get a title/badge here on the forums as a result.

Originally the titles were maintained manually to my knowledge(and probably still are if maintained at all), and as a result I would bet there are some people who still have theirs while they necessarily shouldn’t(unless they’re supposed keep it indefinitely) and some current patrons who don’t have their title/badge at all. So I feel it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go through, update these(or clear them out in their current state), and begin to use the Discourse Patreon Integration Plugin to make this process not as manual. It is still a work in progress it seems but it seems enough of the basic functionality is there. You can find it on Github as well.

Extra: Although not necessarily related to the forums it may be a good idea to advertise this Patreon somewhere and keep the actual Patreon page more updated than it is now. It just does not seem like it is out there at all and I can imagine there would be at least a few more who would happy support the project. A possible page for some information about Patreon could be on the Sponge Sponsors page or some similar/new page on SpongeHome.


As a small pledger, I am not eligible to any patreon badge but I agree with you that it deserves to be more accessible.


Bumping this topic, since it is now 2020, and it seems that these are still handled manually.

Also, might I suggest that the Patreon not call them “badges”, since there is a badge section on everyone’s profile where one would expect the donor title to appear, but it never will:

Moreover, it would be nice if the donor titles appeared on the user’s profile rather than just next to their name on their thread posts. This would also be applicable to users such as @Meronat and other users with titles such as “Sponge Developer”, “Project Leader”, “Team Leader” etc. It’s a bit odd that profile specific information such as these titles isn’t visible on their profile, only their posts.